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chm files pdfzilla pdf compressor pro v5.2.1 portable – pdf chm files Post navigation With the emergence of the internet as a mainstream, economical way of communicating with people, the need for rich text documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, web pages, business charts, book excerpts, and e-mail messages has become extremely common. Such rich text documents are generally saved as a.rtf or.txt file with an extension of rtf or txt. However, it may not be so easy to find such rich text files on the Internet, since most of the programs commonly used by people, such as Word and PowerPoint, save the documents in the.doc or.ppt file format. Consequently, to view such a rich text file, the user must open it first in a word processor and save it in a rich text format. And, when a.rtf or.txt file is received in an e-mail message or an attachment to an e-mail message, the user will need to open it in a word processor and save it in a rich text format. Now, the problem is, how can we create a rich text document from a text file? Of course, the user could copy and paste the text to a Word or PowerPoint document, then save it in the Rich Text format. But this method is a long and tedious process. When Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Word 2008, Microsoft PowerPoint 2008, and Microsoft Word 2003 are installed on the PC, a user can open the file in Rich Text Format. To convert a.txt or.rtf file to Rich Text Format, open it in a word processor. Then, you will have the option to save the document as a.rtf file. However, if a user does not have Microsoft Word 2003 or Word 2008 installed, there is no method to convert the rich text format to a.rtf file. That is, if a user does not have Microsoft Word 2003 or Word 2008, it is impossible to convert.rtf file to a rich text file. However, it is possible to convert the.rtf file to a.txt file. But the.txt format is a plain text file, so the formatting of a text file is lost. Therefore, to convert a.rtf file to a plain text file without losing the formatting of the.rtf file, we have to use the pdftotext utility




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